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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.  

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Massage Services


Swedish Massage

Smooth, gliding strokes ease sore and tense muscles.  A great choice for a break from a stress filled day!

60 minute Swedish Massage $60.00

90 minute Swedish Massage $90.00




Aromatherapy Massage

The ultimate in relaxation.  Warm massage oil is blended with essential oils customized for your specific needs.  Service also includes hot towels on your back and feet to melt tension away.  

60 minute Aromatherapy Massage $70.00

90 minute Aromatherapy Massage $105.00




Deep Tissue Massage

For those that want more focused work.  Deeper pressure is involved in this massage and it's intended to target and work out knots and achy muscles. Includes use of essential oil tension blend.  

60 minute Deep Tissue Massage $80.00

90 minute Deep Tissue Massage $120.00




Exfoliating Coconut Massage 

Say goodbye to dry skin!  With this service your skin in thoroughly exfoliated using dry brushing techniques and warm towels.  Then hydrating coconut oil is applied using long, sweeping strokes.  A truly amazing and detoxifying service. You'll leave feeling like a new person.

90 minutes $115.00




Express Target Massage

A shortened session with focused work to a specific area.  

30 minute Target Massage $35.00




Specialty Massages


Oncology Massage

Recommended for clients currently in cancer treatment or for clients with cancer history.  The service is personalized for your specific needs.  Special considerations are taken based on the type or cancer and treatment/treatments you have received.  Service allows your body to relax completely in a nurturing and safe environment.  When we are relaxed our bodies can heal.  

60 minute Oncology Massage $70.00




Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic massage is used to assist the body’s lymph system, a major part of the immune system, with the drainage of toxins and fluid. A lymphatic massage is a gentle treatment that guides toxins towards the lymph nodes for waste removal. Very beneficial for clients recovering from injuries, for those dealing with lymphedema or for anyone who wants to assist their bodies in the detox process.

60 minute Lymphatic Drainage Massage $80.00

90 minute Lymphatic Drainage Massage $120.00




Scalp Massages

Relaxing Scalp Massage

with Lavender Essential Oil

Slow movements and Lavender Oil will help you forget all your worries. Tension will just melt away.  Service includes relaxing neck and shoulder work.     

30 minutes $35.00




Energizing Scalp Massage

with Lemon and Peppermint Essential Oil 

Need a pick me up? Try this scalp massage for some extra zing!  Stimulating scalp massage and the amazing scent of lemon and peppermint essential oils.  Service includes tension relieving neck and shoulder work. 

30 minutes $35.00




Foot Massages

Relaxing Foot Massage

with Lavender Essential Oil

Unwind, put your feet up and breathe in calming Lavender Essential Oil.  You may even fall asleep!  

Service includes lower leg work and hot towels. 

30 minutes $35.00




Invigorating Foot Massage

with Peppermint / Tea Tree Essential Oil 

Tired achy feet?  Give them some love with this rejuvenating service.  You'll be walking on air.  

Service includes lower leg work and hot towels. 

30 minutes $35.00




Add ons

Love scalp and foot work?  Get extra time!

Add 20 minutes of scalp or foot work to a 60 or 90 minute session for just $20 more!


*Prices are subject to change without warning.  

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